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Leading service innovation for 19 years

Resonant is an independent design and innovation consulting organisation for the digital age.

Jason Mesut setup Resonant to offer a range of services from independent consulting, special project delivery, complex service design leadership and design operations support to individual mentoring.

Jason spent over 15 years in leading London agency and consultancy organisations. He realised that he could offer greater value and flexibility by working direct with clients using tailored teams of talent that fit the challenge. Not the bench the agency is running.

Since 2015, Resonant has worked on various projects. Including: in-car UI for future autonomous vehicles, future urban mobility services, a brain scanner, and an on-demand grocery service. But, Jason and his collaborators have decades of experience across a wide range of domains from financial services, through healthcare to telco and consumer technology. Working on everything from mobile applications, to new physical-digital consumer electronics products and services, intranets and complex customer experience strategies.


Key services we offer

Service innovation leadership

Conceiving and developing services can be complex and difficult. There may be a lot of moving parts. You'll need a lot of new skills. And the market changes in months if not weeks. Our service innovation leadership offer gives you expertise within new transformation and development initiatives. Independent advice. Broad design and consulting skillsets. And a killer network to tap into. Helping you to to get the right people doing the right things at the right time.

Lead inside

If you're an agency or consultancy with a large complex project, and you lack the resource with experience and expertise to lead it, you may have to risk putting someone too junior on, or having to hire in the help you need. The Lead Inside offer allows you to get the sort of talent you have in your Directors, VPs, and Head of Departments without taking them away from their day jobs.

Special projects

Sometimes you get an idea from above, or want to explore new emerging technologies. You're not sure what is needed. How much it should cost. But you want to get going and demonstrate progress. Our special projects offer pulls together a focused team to work with you to navigate the uncertainty. Using rapid design and prototyping tools, radical collaboration approaches, and a flexible working arrangement, we can get you moving before you've sorted a contract with a larger vendor.

Design strategy

Sometimes you have a challenge but no answer. Or too many answers but no focus. Our design strategy offer helps organisations understand the challenges, clearly frame opportunities and envision future products and service solutions that deliver value to your organisation and the people it serves and employees.

Independent consulting

Sometimes you need an experienced head wth capable hands to guide you through some difficult challenges. Our independent consulting offer, allows you to engage a smart and experienced professional to help you as a peer through your organisational or project challenges. Engage in short bursts, or as part of your growing team, to get impartial advice from over a decade of digital, experience-led product and service projects.

indiviudal mentoring

Whether you're a junior looking for your break or a Director struggling with the politics and where you're going to go next, we all need someone to talk to. To listen to us, and our needs. Our mentoring offer blends coaching skills with specialist advice around leadership, UX, consulting, networking and promotion to help you work out where you are, and where you want to take your career.



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